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Academy of Security Educators and Trainers
Certified Security Trainer (C.S.T.)
Program Sets Security Standard

Since 1981, the Academy of Security Educators and Trainers (A.S.E.T.) have been conducting the most difficult, honored and prestigious program in the entire security industry. No other program, and there have been dozens of certifications created over the decades, can make the claims of this professional certification process.

To begin with, there are no grand-fathers or grand-fathering processes in the entire history of this program since the very first class. The creator of the program, Dr. Richard W. Kobetz and the elected academy officers in 1981 went through the entire program process with an independent faculty conducting the first session. All candidates from the first class in August 1981 thru class 30, in August 2006 have submitted to the entire program process.

This legitimate program was created in an attempt to counter the training deficiencies noted and continuing in the security field through the creation of performance standards for security trainers. The Academy created a formal and valid process for men and women who desired to be recognized in a professional manner. As a result in the history of the Certified Security Trainer (C.S.T.) Program, only 200 candidates have successfully completed the process, including some of the most prominent and recognized authors, professors, practitioners and research professionals in the field.

All candidates make initial application through submission of a complete curriculum vitae and completion of narrative qualifying questions as prepared by and approved through a peer review application committee. Upon acceptance into the program, each candidate receives their training materials, a 10-tab, 300 page study notebook. The assessment and evaluation program lasts six days, and includes morning, afternoon and evening sessions. All candidates participate in presentations, personal interviews, team assignments, peer evaluations, instructor evaluations and project assignments. Each candidate presents three (3) separate instructional units to the class and their instructors in various time formats. The additional emphasis of the program for the past several years has included both security training and security management components. Many candidates who have completed the program successfully attribute their continuing professional success, corporate and academic positions and promotions to this accomplishment.

Certified Security Trainers (C.S.T.) Program
Date to be Announced
New York, NY

The total program tuition of $1,000 (USD) includes:
Original application fee of $50.00 (non-refundable)
Training Materials

Certificates are awarded upon successful completion of the total process.

Application may be obtained by calling (212) 268-4555

16 Penn Plaza Suite 1570
New York, NY 10001
(212) 268-4555 or (800) 947-5827 | FAX (212) 563-4783